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I'm Rachel.

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I'm rarely bored. If I'm not designing, I'm devouring delicious colour palettes online, singing barbershop (medal winning chorus doncha know?), watching rugby (GO WALES!), investigating my family tree, or cooing ridiculously at a cat. I have a lifelong love of history, words (read THIS BOOK I implore you) and language, and Ian McShane. Let's face it, who doesn't love Ian McShane?

Creating brings me joy, and lots of it. As well as creating surface patterns and illustrations, I create jewellery with them; I also stitch when I can, when my studio surfaces are not completely covered with sketches and paints and pens and pencils and ink and pastels...and there's room to get my sewing machine out. I've also got a vintage knitting machine, but...well, it's a beast, and it tends to let me knit myself into it so it only comes out when I'm feeling especially adventurous.

I love the fact that people have my patterns in their homes and their daily lives - such a buzz! Some of my patterns are on products around the wondrous internet - have a look.

I'm a hand-drawer, in the main - I love lines and doodles and while software is AMAZING and I use it daily, I like the scratchy, sketchy quality drawing gives me - so I normally start there then cyberise things. Is that a word? It is now.

i'm always on are my latest posts...

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